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Page 2 – Noah Van Sciver

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Jason first discovered the work of Noah Van Sciver in the anthology comic Not My Small Diary and became a huge fan of his work, tracking down all of his books, including The Hypo. Van Sciver’s work channels the legends of the underground comix movement of the 60s, but with a style and skill that modifies it into something uniquely his own. His ongoing comic Blammo showcases his diverse talent with a variety of storytelling styles. He currently is serializing an online graphic novel St. Cole on the website The Expositor. He also has a brother that works in comics too.

Noah Van Sciver can be found online here and here.

Page 7 – Patrick Kain

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Pat Kain is a cartoonist and friend of Jason’s whose enthusiasm for the medium of comics is inspiring. Pat has done a variety of mini comics and has contributed art to many publications including Taffy Hips, The Buyer Beware Anthology, Purge, and Your Turkish Guidebook.

Pat’s work can be found at his blog,