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Page 2 – Noah Van Sciver

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Jason first discovered the work of Noah Van Sciver in the anthology comic Not My Small Diary and became a huge fan of his work, tracking down all of his books, including The Hypo. Van Sciver’s work channels the legends of the underground comix movement of the 60s, but with a style and skill that modifies it into something uniquely his own. His ongoing comic Blammo showcases his diverse talent with a variety of storytelling styles. He currently is serializing an online graphic novel St. Cole on the website The Expositor. He also has a brother that works in comics too.

Noah Van Sciver can be found online here and here.

Page 6 – Dustin Harbin

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

In addition to being a letterer for books like Casanova, Dustin Harbin is a fantastic cartoonist as well. He is the creator of the autobiographical comic Dharbin!. He also maintains a blog about making comics that is equally informative and hilarious.

Jason met Dustin at SPX and purchased some of his minicomics. A year later at TCAF, Jason asked Dustin to contribute this page to the FF9 project.

This page was originally going to be commissioned from Dave Sim, however Mr. Sim was less than accommodating. Though he agreed to draw the page, he refused to sell it, and told Jason that he would have to bid on the page in an auction. However, since Jason had given him the idea, he was willing to make a copy to give to Jason. Jason declined the offer. And we’re all the better for it, as Dustin’s take is fantastic.

Dustin Harbin’s website can be found here.

Page 20 – Kurt Dinse

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Kurt Dinse is a comic artist and illustrator from Chicago, IL who made the mistake of befriending Jason at the Columbus, OH Small Press and Comic Expo (SPACE). Despite being “friends”, Kurt still charged Jason an insane amount of money to draw this page, which is why there has been no new pages for the project. Kurt’s unique art style and twisted sense of humor is fully on display with this page.

Kurt, a former punk rocker, is best known for his comic series One Year in Indiana, and the barbarian homage/parody, Hurr. His work can be found at Pungent Basement Art, and recently he became the newest member to join the art collective, Ok, PANIC!, of which Jason and former Fantastic Four No. 9 contributors Pat Kain and Eric Shonborn are all a part of (though Pat Kain has moved on to bigger and better things).

Page 4 – Chris Hoium

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Chris Hoium was one of the founding members of Buyer Beware Comics and the creator of Monkey Gives it Up. He’s a prolific artist, but is reluctant to show off his mad skills for fear of exploding the world with his awesomeness. He recently moved to Nebraska with his wife to keep the world safe.

Page 7 – Patrick Kain

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Pat Kain is a cartoonist and friend of Jason’s whose enthusiasm for the medium of comics is inspiring. Pat has done a variety of mini comics and has contributed art to many publications including Taffy Hips, The Buyer Beware Anthology, Purge, and Your Turkish Guidebook.

Pat’s work can be found at his blog,