Secret Origin

This blog is the NEW official home of the Fantastic Four No. 9 project spearheaded by independent cartoonist, Jason Young.

Jason has decided to commission a wide variety of artists and cartoonists to re-create this classic issue of the Fantastic Four, page by page. Think of it as a punk band doing a cover of a sixties classic. All the artists involved are respectfully reinterpreting Jack Kirby through their own eyes and style.

The project is a long-term, slow process. Jason is paying for the commissions out of pocket for his own personal collection and enjoyment. As new art is received and scanned in, we’ll be posting it here, as well as links to the artists’ home pages (if applicable). So keep checking back!

And of course, everything here is trademark and copyright Marvel Comics, and perhaps Jack Kirby’s family in a few years.

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