Page 17 – James Kochalka

James Kochalka is one of the most awesome human beings on the planet. Not only did he provide the page above, he colored it. For fun. For fun!

Kochalka is a prolific cartoonist with a huge body of work that includes Mokey vs. Robot, Peanut Butter and Jeremy, Super F*ckers and Johnny Boo. And of course, there is his daily autobiographical cartoon, American Elf, which can be found at Kochalka’s website,

In addition to all this awesomeness, Kochalka is a fucking rockstar. Do yourself a favor and buy any and all albums from James Kochalka Superstar.


    • JB inks on June 8, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    I love reading this book out of order. I won't dig it up until all of the pages have been submitted to this blog.

    Kick ass job JK. Love the colors.

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