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Page 2 – Noah Van Sciver

Jason first discovered the work of Noah Van Sciver in the anthology comic Not My Small Diary and became a huge fan of his work, tracking down all of his books, including The Hypo. Van Sciver’s work channels the legends of the underground comix movement of the 60s, but with a style and skill that …

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Page 6 – Dustin Harbin

In addition to being a letterer for books like Casanova, Dustin Harbin is a fantastic cartoonist as well. He is the creator of the autobiographical comic Dharbin!. He also maintains a blog about making comics that is equally informative and hilarious. Jason met Dustin at SPX and purchased some of his minicomics. A year later …

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Page 1 – Jim Woodring

Jim Woodring is a cartoonist and illustrator probably best known for his series of critically acclaimed Frank books, as well as his self-published comic Jim and the construction of a seven-foot tall dip pen. Jason is a long-time fan of Woodring’s work, and set to work trying to convince him to contribute to the Fantastic …

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Page 9 – Josué Menjivar

Josué Menjivar is the biggest Jack Kirby fan Jason has ever met. He insisted on doing this page for free, but compromised when Jason agreed to buy all of Josué’s comics in exchange for drawing the page. Josué is the writer and artist of Way Off Main and Everyday Things. You can find his art …

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Page 20 – Kurt Dinse

Kurt Dinse is a comic artist and illustrator from Chicago, IL who made the mistake of befriending Jason at the Columbus, OH Small Press and Comic Expo (SPACE). Despite being “friends”, Kurt still charged Jason an insane amount of money to draw this page, which is why there has been no new pages for the …

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