Page 9 – Josué Menjivar

Josué Menjivar is the biggest Jack Kirby fan Jason has ever met. He insisted on doing this page for free, but compromised when Jason agreed to buy all of Josué’s comics in exchange for drawing the page.

Josué is the writer and artist of Way Off Main and Everyday Things. You can find his art and comics at


    • jason on September 1, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    I was buying a book from Josue at TCAF last year and when I pulled out my wallet he noticed it was made from an old Jack Kirby Thor comic.

    He immediately became so excited and we began to both gush like school girls about our love of the King (Josue told me he even has a page of Kirby original arwork hanging above his drawing table for inspiration!) for what must’ve seemed to my girlfriend an inordinate amount of time.

    I asked him there on the spot if he’d be interested in my FF #9 Project and he practically flew outta his seat! He insisted on doing it for free but as Eric wrote in the description for this piece we compromised on my buying one of each of his comics.

    I definitely got the better end of the deal! Great comics and a great piece of artwork to boot! Thanks Josue!

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